Goals and Objectives of the Centre

The Centre is founded for the educational and scientific-technical development of Uzbekistan by:

· developing creative activities of researchers and specialists-mathematicians;

· effectivey using their creative potential for developing mathematics and its applications;

· conducting research studies on the history of mathematics;

· providing assistance in conducting researches and investigations in the field of mathematics, computer science and modern  computer technologies;

· developing  international contacts with   scientists  mathematicians  and relevant professional organizations;

· assisting   scientists  mathematicians  in conducting important mathematical investigations, improving the methods of teaching mathematics at higher educational  schools, schools and colleges.


The Centre sets  itseef the following objectives:

· providing assistance and developing  high professional level of mathematician scientists

· improving the methods of teaching mathematics in secondary schools and higher educational  institutions and colleges;

· monitoring  achievements, news in the field of mathematic science and exchanging  experience in this field with young researchers;

· conducting effective forms of exchange  of professional experience;

· selecting talented young people and attracting them to the mathematics, supporting and developing opportunities for creative growth of young researchers;

· study of historical-mathematical heritage;

· collecting  and systematizing  significant historical-scientific values and materials concerning the development of mathematics in Uzbekistan;

· studing of creative legacy of Uzbek mathematicians and  implementing it.



To resolve  these issues the Centre carries out the following activities:

· creates and constantly replenish the Centre’s fund;

· convenes and holds conferences, symposiums, meetings, seminars and organizes creative debates on various mathematical problems, as well as scientific sessions on separate issues of the mathematical science, dedicated to developing mathematics, in honour of notable discoveries and outstanding mathematician scientists, who enriched the world science, as well as on interdisciplinary problems and prospective areas;

· institutes and distributes nominal grants to persons working for doctor's degree, post-graduates and students from various mathematical specialities, and provides supervises their creative development;

· organizes Internet-classes fro students and researchers;

· establishes the library of the Centre and creates conditions for students and researchers to use the funds of the library;

· organizes special thematic exhibitions, participates in the work of other scientific and technical exhibitions conducted in  Uzbekistan and other countries;

· provides active support to mathematician scientists and teachers of mathematics.



Contacts address of the Centre:

700000, Tashkent, Qodir Makhsumov str., 42

Tel.: +99871 237-56-26

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