Tashmukhammed Niyazovich Kary-Niyazov


An outstanding scientist and social activist, founder of the Uzbek Soviet school and the creator of the first book for it, the first Academician and the first President of the Academy  of Science  of the USSR Tashmukhamed  Niyazovich  Kary-Niyazov was born in 1897 in Khujand in shoemaker family.

Kary - Niyazov experienced a great school of life, he learned the manners and customs of people among who he grew up. He passed difficult but glorious path. Kary - Niyazov began early professional experience.

At the age of , he organized the first Uzbek school in Ferghana region in 1917.

Later, in 1920 on the basis of the established school and teacher  courses he organized a regional pedagogical college in Kokand, which became an important center for training teachers in Ferghana region.

In 1924, the first student graduated from the pedagogical college. The newspapering "Ferganskaya" issue on  May 26 vas completeley devoted the issue. It wrote: "Let the thirteen will be thirteen thousand!". Because the first graduates were thirteen  - "thirteen swallows", as the newspaper called them, swallows which had announced spring of the Uzbek education and Uzbek science. These thirteen swallows were prepared for the flight by Tashmukhamed Niyazovich Kary - Niyazov.

He was the first among the Uzbeks who vas admitted to the Physics and Mathematics department of the Central Asian State University  and  in 1930 he successfully graduadet from it.

1931 to 1933 he worked as the rector  of the University

Kary – Niyazov was the first Uzbek  awarded the title of professor in 1931, and the degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in 1939.

During  1939-1943 Kary-Niyazov was in charge of  development of the new Uzbek alphabet which was based on Cyrillic alphabet and was successfully implemented in the social, cultural,   and  educational  life of Uzbekistan.

In 1946, Kary-Niyazov became the head of the Department of Higher Mathematics of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Mechanization of Agriculture.

Kary-Niyazov is a founder of the Uzbek mathematical terminology and unique mathematical literature for secondary and higher educational institutions, and senior  specialist in the history of science as well. He  published more than three hundred works, including the monograph " Ulugbek’s astronomical School ", recognized by the  scientific community as the world’s discovery, and received the state award in 1952.




Кары-Ниязов , библиотека.

Since 1940, almost for ten years,  the scientist studied written sources and conducted research on the Ulugbek’s scientific heritage.As a result of that work, he created a great research work on Ulugbek’s astronomical school.

Academician T. Kary – Niyazov’s  book " Ulugbek’s astronomical School " was first published in the Russian language in Moscow, by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1950.

He is the author of the work "Sketches of the History of the  Culture of the Soviet Uzbekistan" and many  manuals as well. His best works made eight volume edition.

Every line he wrote is deeply inspired with love to his  people, concern for their welfare, education and the prosperity of science and culture.

He is rightly called Uzbekistan intellectuals’ aksakal.

His entire life has devoted to science and culture.

The entire  epoch is connected  with the name T. Kary - Niyazov - the establishment and rapid development of science and culture in Uzbekistan.

For over 50 years scientist    tirelessly  served  Uzbek people. He was actively involved in the socio-political life and devoted much time and energy to education, of the youth.

In 1941,  was organized expedition to Samarkand   by the government of Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic  to opening the XV century graves of Timur  and Timur’s  family in Gur-Emir.Its members were Kary - Niyazov (Chairman), M. Gerasimov (The Institute of Material Culture of the Academy of Science USSR, an anthropologist sculptor), anthropologist Professor L. Oshanin, orientalist Professor Semenov, etc.

In 1937-1940. T.N. Kary - Niyazov was the chairman of the Presidium of the Committee of Science of Uzbekistan, chairman of the Uzbek branch of the Academy of Science USSR.

In 1939-1943 he was  Deputy Chairman of the People's Commissars of Uzbek SSR on science, culture and art.

In 1943 he was elected  as academician and from 1943 to 1947 was the first president of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

He was deputy chairman of the Presidium of the Governing Board  of Society for the protection of Monuments of History and Culture of Uzbekistan. He was the chairman of the National Council of the People's University, the chief editor of  the magazine "Fan va turmush" and was the member of several scientific societies and community councils.

T.N. Kary - Niyazov participated in many international congresses and symposia, he was elected as a member of the International Astronomical Society in 1954, in 1968 on the XII International Congress of History of Science –he was a member of its General Assembly. He had visited such countries as Japan, India, Italy, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, etc.

Tashmukhamed Niyazovich Kary - Niyazov died on March 17, 1970 in Tashkent. The bright memory of the outstanding scientist, whose life - is ilself the history of our achievements, his immortal works for the benefit and happiness of people, science will forever remain in our hearts.

For outstanding achievements in science Kary-Niyazov was awarded the rank of Hero of Socialist Labor (1967), Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan (1939), laureate of the State Prize for the book "Ulugbek’s Astronomical School" (1952), laureate of the State Prize Biruni (1970).

He was awarded three times  Order of Lenin, three times  Order of the Labor Red Banner, the medal "For Valiant in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945". By the President ‘s decree in 2002 he was awarded the Order "For the great services".

Now the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, 206 school and two streets in Tashkent and Fergana are named after his name - Kary-Niyazov.



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