Academician T. N. Kary-Niyazov’s writings

Invaluable books

T.N. Kary-Niyazov's academician by the end of the life has published the 8-tomnik of the Chosen works in Prosveshcheniye publishing house of 1967-1970.

1-that the chosen works it is devoted to analytical geometry. The book is the first original textbook written in Uzbek in 30 years, added and in a consequence included in the chosen works. The book is written on the basis of 40 years' pedagogical activity of the scientist. The textbook has served not one generation of students. Development of science and culture, growth of requirements to a training material promoted reprinting of the book many years later. Students of physical and mathematical faculties of the universities and teacher's colleges can use the fourth edition of the book. The author states material with such skill that the book can be recommended to any higher educational institution including to the highest technical educational institutions.

2 and 3 volumes are visited to a course of the mathematical analysis. According to the author, "Mathematicians are the cornerstone the simple truth which is repeatedly proved by the life. Thanks to laborious work, the potential of mathematics will grow and develop. Mathematics of today - result of creative activity of many generations of scientists and minds".

The 4th it is based on the doctoral dissertation about the differential equations. Including Bernoulli, Bessel, Boole, Goursat, Clairaut, Cauchy, Lagrange, Legendre, Liouville's equations, Sharpi, Euler and Jacobi are considered. Also in the book ways of the decision above the mentioned equations are stated. In details speaks, the fact that the differential equations are fundamentals of many theoretical technical science.

The 5-volume is devoted to interrelation of culture and science in our republic.

In the book along with mathematics, physics, natural sciences it is about music, cinema, dramatic art and theater.

The 6th includes the work about scientific Mirzo Ulugbek's heritage.

In Europe Ulugbek's contribution to world science and astronomy is known since the 17th century. His book "Zidzh" (the main book devoted to the astronomical table) is translated into French. It is much also written in Russian. But as the astronomer, the mathematician and the public figure I have written the main book about Ulugbeke Kary-Niyazov. His work "Astronomical School Ulugbeka" has been published in 1950 in Russian in the city of Moscow.

The scientific heritage of Mirzo Ulugbek has the world scientific value.

Though, the work scientific, it is written in simple and available language. The work is written on the basis of manuscripts on Persian, French and other languages.

The merit of the author is that he has translated the difficult ideas of manuscripts into language of modern mathematThe merit of the author is that he has translated the difficult ideas of manuscripts into language of modern mathematics.ics.

In the book Toshmukhamad by Kary-Niyazov describes the city of Samarkand in times Timuridov, Ulugbek's role as the governor, etc.

After cruel murder, Ulugbek was based in Gur Amir about five centuries. One of the first I have seen his remains Cara-Niyazov. The book fascinatingly describes the expedition course.

Memoirs "Reflection about the passable way" makes 7-volume of the chosen works. This work is written 1964-1966 in Uzbek and originally was the Uzbek version of the book "School of Life" written in Russian in 1964-1966.

The book isn't the translation these works have many distinctions..

The author shares memories, describing the events which have taken place in 20 century in education, science, public life the description of scientific conferences which he has personally attended in the homeland and abroad is given.


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